Aquaculture Building

Brunswick Community College
Today I snapped a photo of the Aquaculture center located at Brunswick Community College. The building is complete with hatchery (out back).

We covered some basics of what Aquaculture is.

The fastest growing food industry on the planet …
Aquaculture is now the fastest growing food industry on the planet and is found on every continent except Antarctica. Here in New Brunswick the Aquaculture Industry was valued at $300 million dollars in 2005.
The term aquaculture refers to the culturing and raising of aquatic plants or animals. An Aquaculture Technician is someone who usually works directly with these plants or animals. The duties of the technician can vary from basic husbandry of the organism and maintenance of the culture facilities to some of the more technical aspects like water quality analysis and disease diagnosis and treatment. Aquaculture Technicians are involved in almost all aspects of the raising, culturing, harvesting and marketing of aquaculture species. In addition to production, graduates can enter the aquaculture support fields of fish health and veterinary services, feed manufacturing, cage and net production, fish processing and the soft industries like marketing, software development, and research.

Brunswick Community College - Aquaculture Center
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