Nitzschia sp.

Nitzschia sp. I
Captured from Atlantic Ocean 4/4/07 sample. Several specimen are followed. Recorded at 100x magnification on Microscope, with additional magnification of 4-∞ using digital camera.

Nitzschia sp. II
Nitschia sp. filmed from sample taken from Atlantic Ocean on April 4, 2007, interacting with some other microorganisms; thalassion sp. and pleurosigma sp.

Images at Phytoplankton Sample, 4/07/2007


je55 said...


I'm a masters student in Canada. I'm also studying freshwater ecology and I'm just starting out. I'd like to know if you have any method of separating algae from the zooplankton from stream water that are collected from the field.

Thanks! Jessica

Sharon Mooney said...

Well Jessica, if you email me, I can pass along your question (email) to the instructors and the resident marine biologist, who may can help answer your question. I found no contact information.