Identifying Algae

Algae sample
Enlarge image
Image captured by digital camera. I had more success at capturing a clearer image, in fewer shots by _not_ using "Super Macro" feature on my camera.
Algae sample
Enlarge image
This image was produced by the microscope software.

The question is, which strain of algae am I looking at? Several in the guide my instructor gave me bear resemblance to those in the charts.
17. Spirogyra (comparing with Google images, Spirogyra appears to bear similarity, but I have my doubts this is the identification.)
18, 19. Mougeotia though long and divided into section like my sample, I have my doubts.
20. Zygnema *also shares many similarities with the sample I've captured, but I have my doubts this is the identification.
28. Microspora
Algae sample
Although Microspora appears to bear striking similarities as well.
Source: Class Chlorophyceae

29. Ulothrix, possibly...
30. Oedogonium, another possibility.

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