Photographs of Snails, Catfish and Lily

Here's a recent addition to the alternate site with my first microscopy shot of Qui nosce mysterium that's Latin for who the heck knows? and a lot of other "neat stuff" taken at the college.

John and Chad will have to help me identify all those neat critters that'll be seen floating up under the microscope...

WOW, Sharon. What a neat shot! The only thing I see in there is a chain of diatoms that I can't identify -- it could be /Melosira,/ /Skeletonema/, or /Biddulphia/.

I would love to see more plankton photos when you get them! I enjoyed the other photos also.

Terri K. Hathaway
Marine Education Specialist
North Carolina Sea Grant

Lily the Bird Dog
A snapshot of Lily, the College's Bird-Dog

Video and Digital Photographs of Microscopic Worms

  • Videos and Photos of Microscopic Worms, February 22, 2007, Salt Water Sample from BCC
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